Lexa Johnston in ATV wreck, Big Springs!

Highland High School junior drives four wheeler up a tree.

Alexas familys quad trailer at their campsite in Big Springs.

Nikki Johnston

Alexa’s family’s quad trailer at their campsite in Big Springs.

Lexa Johnston, a Highland High School junior, was involved in a four-wheeler wreck at Big Springs along Scout Mountain. She was driving down a trail where she started to go uphill, but she hit a tree root through the trail that knocked her steering off.

This caused her to drive up a tree and flip the four-wheeler. While all of this was happening she scraped her leg on a rock. The scrape wasn’t too bad, she was able to get back on after the wreck, having to flip the four-wheeler back around.

Further on the trail, Johnston’s brother noticed that they were not catching up, he turned around to try and find her only to find she had crashed, and was calling for their dad to help.

Around the corner of her camp was a 20 ft drop. A little while after Johnston crashed, her sister took that turn. She then drove off of that drop. Her sister was ok after the wreck and she got back on and they kept driving.