More than a freshman

An interest in another language leads to freshman James Carson learning german


James Carson

James Carson Drinking Soda Room C44 in Highland High school James likes soda

James Carson is a freshman who drinks a lot of soda, is in the process of learning a new language, and enjoys playing video games.

“Friends are the most important aspect of my life because they understand me and I feel I can always be myself around them,” James stated.

At the age of thirteen, Carson took an interest in learning a different language. The German language caught his attention because he was educated about their culture and history, so he became motivated to learn their language as well. 

James explained, “Learning German is really hard at first but over time it becomes easier because the more time you concentrate on doing something you weren’t able to do, it becomes easier for you to accomplish.” The experience has improved his memory and how his brain functions because it’s been proven that learning a new language has good benefits on your brain.  

There are many different ways you can learn a new language but James uses the site Duolingo to help him improve in learning German. He can’t speak German fluently but he stated it has become easier for him and he is slowly but surely getting the hang of it. 

James explained, “My favorite word I have learned was flammenwerfer which means flame thrower, because it is fun to pronounce.” It has been an interesting experience for him and he is always eager to learn and try new things.