Jennifer Carazo-Dominguez sparkles at dance

After winning over 30 competitions within 12 years, Jennifer Carazo continues her dancing hobby.


The Sunshine Dance Academy team

Jennifer Carazo and Oaklie Ursenbach

Jennifer Carazo-Dominguez has been dancing at Sunrise Dance Academy in Pocatello, Idaho since the age of three, and she began dancing competitively at age seven.

“I’ve tried other sports like volleyball and cheerleading, but they aren’t as intense as dancing,” Carazo said. She is the most skilled at ballet, lyrical, and pointe dance types. 

“My sister and I got into dancing one day, and the next day she hated it but the next day I wanted to go back. It was probably because they gave us candy at the end,” she stated. She views dancing as a great way to unwind and let go of her feelings. 

Carazo has also made many friends through dance. “A lot of friendships have started, throughout the years I’ve had these two friends [that] I’ve been close with since I was five. I don’t go to school with any of them, but we still remain pretty close.” 

Carazo also enjoys the shows and competitions, where her family cheers her on.

“I love doing the shows, such as Halloween and Christmas shows, sometimes nutcracker shows, and the end of the year shows. I like competitions and group dances, sometimes I can do a solo. My parents are very supportive, they are aware that other sports are not for me. They know I am best at dancing,” Carazo said. 

She also spends a lot of time each week dancing. “It depends what we are doing each year, right now we do two hours or three hours a day, three times a week depending on the person. I pretty much have 6-9 hours of practice a week right now.”

In the past year and a half, some of her practice time was cut short due to the pandemic. “It affected it a lot, we stopped dancing a week before covid hit and throughout that summer we had practice but I wasn’t able to go. I had to stop dancing for about a year and a half.”

Even with this large break in practice, Carazo still enjoys dancing a lot.