Alexandria defines art adventurously

An Artist Who See’s Art for more than It Is!


Alexandria is a student at Highland High School who enjoys using her skills as an artist. She draws everyday, maybe even completing 20 or more projects in a day.

But there is more to Alexandria than art. She is a very social person and she enjoys role playing with friends online.

She likes to stay safe, so she wears her mask, even though they are optional.

“I got my vaccine but I wear it out of habit and just to stay safe,” Alexandria states. Alexandria also has a hobby as an artist so she loves going to Hobby Lobby to gather supplies for the projects she likes doing.

Alexandria likes having her hair dyed and, she stated, “There was just hair dye laying around so I put it to good use!” Alexandria loves the color yellow and if she is wearing it, that means she is in a good mood.

As a highschool student she has a different form of travel than most; she rides her bike. “It’s a good way to save money and it’s also a good source of cardio!”

She is an artist, as everyone knows each artist has there own style. Well, Alexandria’s style is a type of stick figure drawing, but it isn’t like your normal stick figure; it’s got a creative side. 

The kind of platform she uses is digital art so that way she can use all the features the technology can give! Lastly she likes, video games and the music that’s in them. As an artist, she sees music differently then those who aren’t, so she enjoys a genre called Friday Night Funkin’.