Assignment After Assignment

finals can be stressful especially when your grades are low and you’re rushing to get everything caught up. I’m here to help you get organized and get all your assignments done before your finals and minimize your stress.


jeremiah baker

student at university of wyoming studying for a final in may of 2019

Aspyn R. Branson, Reporter

First thing you’re going to want to do is go to infinite campus and click on the dreadful assignments tab and look at all your missing assignments. Make sure you are on the right trimester though, you don’t need to be stressed out more than you already are.

Second thing you should do is clear your schedule, especially if you have a lot of missing assignments. Write a list of your assignments for each class. Start with setting an hour aside for each  class. 

Next, relax. Being calm and feeling safe in your working environment is key. Light a candle, turn on some music

, clean your room. If you’re able to just sit and focus you’ll be able to get a lot more done.

Limit distractions. Siblings, your phone, and even parents can be some of your worst distractions. Put your phone on silent and set it somewhere, upside down, and away from you. Younger siblings can be needy, if they need something or it’s important, by all means go help them. But if they are just annoying you with no significance, tell them that you are busy.

The check off method. When using a checklist to look and summarize all the things you need to get done, it creates a sense to the brain to relax, as you can see you are getting stuff done. This is one of the most effective methods to use.

After a few hours go through your infinite campus and make sure you got everything written down and checked off, and once you’re done, well, congrats! You’ve effectively and efficiently gotten your assignments done and no longer have to worry about them. Now you can put your attention fully on studying for your exams you have this week. And I wish you all, the best of luck.