Native American Heritage Month

Native traditions shared everyday


Submitted Photo: Spirit Wadsworth

Hazebah Wahtomy and Hailey Hudman

Many Native people celebrate their culture and their traditions all November long because it is Native American Heritage Month. Many Native tribes celebrate this month.

“Mostly I go with what Language & Culture Preservation puts out for the month on November, such as Monday medallion day, Tuesday best Indian dress wear day, Wednesday scarf day, Thursday and cultural events t-shirt day. That is pretty much all I do besides help documenting the Veterans day activities.””

— Spirit Wadsworth

Many events have been canceled for the Native tribes because of the pandemic, which is preventing them from coming together and celebrating this month as a whole.

“I like going to the cultural events because you get to learn more about the history for the Shoshone and the Bannock people,” Wadsworth said. “Not only is Native American Heritage Month good for showing who we are, but it’s also good to learn more about the history.”

Eastern Shoshone Days Pow-wow. (Photo Taken by the Sho-Ban News.)

Native American Heritage Month may only be in November but Native tribes celebrate Native traditions all year long. From the harsh winter into the hot summer days. “It is good we have a month, but as Native people our heritage is everyday,” Wadsworth said.

Shoshone Days Pow-wow. (Photo taken by the Sho-Ban News.)