Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness month. Here some information on what is!

from wiki commons

from wiki commons

Faith Galassi, reporter

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia. Its a progressive disease that starts out mild and gets worse as time goes on. Alzheimer’s dissolves and shrinks the parts of the brain that are thought to control memory, language and thoughts.

Alzheimer’s disease is thought to be caused by the abnormal build-up of proteins in and around brain cells. One of the proteins involved is called amyloid, deposits of which form plaques around brain cells. The other protein is called tau, deposits of which form tangles within brain which causes the brain to shrink.

There are many symptoms like memory lost which causes bad decision making and no longer being able to do normal everyday tasks. There is also frequent mood swings and changes. There is also seeing and hearing things like hallucinations. There is many more.

The risk factors of alzheimer’s could be age, family history/ genetics, down syndrome, gender, head trauma, air pollution,excessive alcohol consumption, poor sleep patterns, lifestyle and heart health. Anyone is at risk. 

There are many treatments for this disease. For example there are several prescription drugs that help slow down the progression of alzheimer’s. The newest medication, aducanumab. There is also more alternative and natural treatments. Like coconut oil, omega 3 fatty acids, coral calcium, acupuncture, aromatherapy, bright light therapy.

 November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness month. This is a disease that anyone is at risk of. So please make sure you help spread the word or try to donate.