It’s not the answer

Even if your antidepressants aren’t working, you can always find something that will

Aspyn R. Branson and Emily Meredith

As many teens in our generation have or have had depression, we have almost all been to a counselor at least once. For some of us it’s more serious, and medication is needed. But it never should lead to death. 

In 2019 there were more than 5,100 antidepressant overdoses.

People need to realise they come with risks, but they can be useful. ”

— David Healy

That’s a 1,800 death increase since the year 2000, but that number has only continued to sky rocket. 

Antidepressants aren’t all as they seem. “Antidepressants didnt help me much and made me feel like a zombie,” freshman Kayla Tilley states. Only about 20 out 100 people claim that their antidepressants ACTUALLY work.

Picture on wikicommons uploaded by Marcia Bia

However, 75% of people said therapy was helpful. Sometimes medication will be needed, and it needs to be used responsibly.

When most people first start their medication it makes them really tired. It can be a very demotivating drug. “It just stopped me from being able to cry,” Tilley stated. This is sometimes the case.

In these cases, it doesn’t help you and instead makes you emotionless, and can make you even more suicidal than you were before. But the drug should never be used to overdose.

Antidepressants are for depression, but if they aren’t helping you, please don’t overdose on them. Find something that will actually help you. Something that will make you happy.