Take hunters ed

Three out of five people that don’t take hunters ed end up in a firearm accident.

Hailey Parsons and Kylah Lewis

There are many reasons why you should take Hunters Ed, and two of them can also save people’s lives.

It’s a good thing I took hunters ed. I went hunting with my dad and we were walking around looking for deer. My dad and I both had rifles. I had a 7mm-08 and my dad had a 300 Weatherby. We had to go over this old broken fence and my dad set his gun up against the fence. I told my dad that that wasn’t a good idea because if it falls it can fire and hurt someone even though he had the safety on. 

Did you know that in the past 30 years hunting-related shooting incidents have decreased dramatically and that today, hunting is one of the safest outdoor activities, thanks to hunters ed? You should take hunters ed before you go hunting because it is safer for you and everyone around you. 

Hunters ed teaches everyone how to treat a gun.  For example, if Alec Baldwin had taken hunters ed then he wouldn’t have killed Halyna Hutchins and injured Joel Souza. “A haggard-looking Alec Baldwin broke his silence Saturday, declaring his friendship with Halyna Hutchins – the cinematographer he accidentally shot and killed on the set of his film “Rust” last week.”

If Baldwin took hunters ed then he never would have pulled the hammer back on that .45 Cal. He would have known to treat a gun like it was loaded at all times. If he would have taken hunters ed then he would have never shot two people and killed one. 

Taking hunters ed makes everyone safer. In 1957, Utah the most hunting accidents in 20 years. There were 165,081 people that had licenses and 126 people didn’t and they all had shooting accidents. 22 of them ended in fatalities, according to Cache Valley Daily in an article published April 15th, 2021.

Some people may argue That guns should be illegal but that isn’t true because some people rely on guns to get their food and protect themselves. A good solution is first off take hunters ed and secondly do a background check on the people that want to buy a gun. If they have a criminal record of villance then they shouldn’t be able to buy the gun.  Constitution of the United States of America 1789 “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” To help prevent accidental injury and death it’s important that people understand how to handle and be responsible with guns.  That’s why people should take Hunters Ed