Drivers ed reduces crashes

Highland High School is a great place where you have a lot of freedom but freedom comes with consequences.


Aubrey Youngker driving safe

Lacy Youngker, Reporter

While driving may be fun and it gives teenagers freedom, it can come with consequences if you aren’t safe while driving. Driving and being able to go anywhere you want to go is thought of as a right of passage in the U.S., but if you are distracted and not paying attention, that’s when bad things happen.

Many teenagers are always on their phones while driving, which is how 21% of accidents happen. So, being distracted and or not having a lot of experience while driving can lead to bad consequences.

I have always wanted to be able to get in my car and go hangout with friends but I dont have my license and I can’t drive myself anywhere. I have sports after school everyday and my parents wont let me do drivers ed because it takes up too much time of my day.

If I had the option to do it during school I would then I would still have time for sports and time to hangout with friends. That’s why I wish Highland High School had that opportunity for me and everyone at Highland High School.

Driving at a young age when you don’t have your license is what causes the most accidents in the U.S. From 2014 – 2018, there were 20,626 fatal crashes in the United States that involved at least one young driver (aged 15 – 20) – nearly 12.5 percent of all fatal crashes. 15.47 crashes in Idaho are caused by younger drivers.

Teenage drivers are inherently at a greater risk for crashes and/or fatal crashes than all other age groups in the United States. While having teenagers being able to drive and help out their parents if they have job or something is great, it can also lead to many accidents happening that can cause death.

Drivers ed also seems to get in the way. Coming into high school I always wanted to do sports and always being active. But having sports also means that not much time to do anything else because of practice and games.

Having sports after school means I don’t have time to do anything like drivers ed. So, if drivers ed was during school I would be able to get my license while doing sports and hanging out out with my friends.

That’s why I think Highland High school should have a drivers ed class during school hours. Students would be able to do extracurriculars and hangout with friends, while staying on top of their homework while learning to drive, instead of spending three hours after school on drivers ed. I hope, in the future, Highland High school will get a drivers ed class for students who have sports after school and don’t have time for a drivers ed class.