Students should be able to defend themselves

Why students should be able to defend themselves during a school shooting.

Dark school hallway from wiki commons

Dark school hallway from wiki commons

Faith Galassi, reporter

School shootings have been a problem for all of my educational career and they only keep getting worse. I have been in plenty of lockdowns and lockdown drills while I lived in Colorado. Most of the time I had no idea what was going on until I got home. The U.S alone had 1,316 school shootings since the 1970s and these numbers have increased ever since. Victims have only gone up too. We should be able to defend ourselves. 

Statistics show that when students defend themselves in these situations, the number of victims go down. An example of this is the Highlands Ranch Colorado STEM School Shooting. Highlands Ranch is about 10-20 minutes away from Littleton. I was in a lockdown while that shooting was happening. It was terrifying not knowing what was going on. Kendrick Castillo decided to fight back. He and his friends managed to tackle the shooter and disarm them. He saved many lives by doing what he did. 

There is nothing scarier than going to school and not knowing if you’re going to come back home that day. The worst part about school shootings is that you can’t control it. I personally feel helpless in lockdowns and I know I can’t be the only one. We should have some amount of control of our lives. If we can fight back and save ourselves and others, it’s a win. 12% of students report feeling unsafe at school. That is way too much if you ask me. That included myself when I lived in Colorado. I had tons of anxiety knowing I couldn’t do anything about it. 

While I do see the consequences of fighting back, they do not compare to the consequences of not fighting back. There is less of a chance of more death if you fight back during a school shooting. We cannot let them take our lives away from us. 

A logical solution is using classroom materials to fight back. Throwing textbooks, scissors and anything that would hurt at the shooter is a good idea. One of my teachers in Colorado actually had a bat for active shooter situations. Students should be prepared to defend themselves any way possible.

Defending ourselves during a school shooting is a good idea. We need to be able to have some control in this crazy world.