Dangers on Halloween Night

Halloween night can be dangerous…and not because of monsters or ghosts.

Halloween Safety Month is a designation observed in October. It recognizes some of the danger that can happen during Trick or Treating- and not the kind with ghosts, demons, and witches. Things can happen on Halloween night, and it’s important to know how to be safe on Halloween.

The National Safety Council says in 2013, an estimated 6,100 pedestrian deaths and 160,000 nonfatal injuries occurred among pedestrians in motor vehicle incidents. That’s right- 6,100 deaths from accidents in vehicles. These often occurred when drivers- or trick or treaters- weren’t paying attention when crossing the road. Mixed with the night, when you can hardly see anything, it’s a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful.

Halloween is fun- no doubt about it. But please make sure that you’re being safe when trick or treating, because being careless or not paying attention may cost you more than you think.