Run to adopt a dog!

October is adopt a dog month. If they are from a shelter or even adopting a puppy from a home, it’s all great!  

3 dogs inside of a wheelbarrow with two people

Jen Anderson

my three dogs that we put in a wheelbarrow. my sister and i didnt want to help with yard work so we decided to wheel around the dogs in a wheelbarrow

Reghan Anderson, reporter

In the month of October there are many different awarenesses, doncations, ect. One of those is adopt a dog month. If they are from a shelter or even adopting a puppy from a home, it’s all great!  

“We wanted to sell puppies just for the experience of having puppies and that sort of thing. We weren’t doing it for the money,” freshman Chloe Leavitt said. 

If your family isn’t able to adopt a dog at this time it’s still great to make a donation to the pet shelter to help them buy food for the dogs that they bring in.  It’s great to make donations to places like these because at the moment these dogs don’t have homes to live in and they need sitain stuff to live. 

“For cats and dogs, current month of September it’s approximate 191 live intakes.” -Pocatello Animal Services 

If you are on the edge of if you should or should not adopt a dog hopefully this will help. The law provides a certain amount of time a dog could be held in a shelter. In most places the dog would be held from five to seven days but in some cases only 48 to 74 hours. 

“In total we sold 15 puppies. We had eight in each litter and kept one,” Leavitt said.

There are many places where you are able to adopt dogs in idaho. There is our public animal shelter, Bannock Humane Society.  And many more like different families who breed animals or makeese. 

“Weekly is about 26 for the month of september, cats and dogs”- Pocatello Animal Services regards to weekly live intakes. 

If you’re wondering about the price, it depends on the type of dog that you’re wanting to adopt.. Animal shelters have a variety of different kinds of dogs to adopt so if you’re wanting to adopt a certain type of dog make sure to keep your eye out. If you’re just wanting to give a dog a home make sure to check out their website and see what types of dogs are looking for a roof over their head and a person to hunt with, play with and snuggle with.