Butter: BTS New Song

The smash-hit song of the summer

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Butter is a song by Korean boy-band BTS. It was released on May 21st 2021, along with their song Permission to Dance. It was written by BTS leader RM, Rob Grimaldi, Jenna Andrews, and Alex Bilowitz.

Butter is a EDM Dance-pop song, with a run time of 2 minutes and 44 seconds. It starts with a simple drumbeat, then the leader of BTS, Jungkook, begins singing. Bass gets added gradually, then the song launches into the infectious chorus. Along with a rap section featuring Suga and RM, the song was a smash-hit, becoming the first song to reach 10 million views in 13 minutes. It does not swear, making it a fun dance track for everyone to enjoy.

Mary Siroky from Consequence named Butter the song of the summer and  called it “a synth-drenched, swaggering track sitting comfortably on an addictive bassline.” Rolling Stones Althea Legaspi called “Butter” a “feel-good, flirty dance track.” Tom Breihan of Stereogum described the song as “a full-on retro-disco strutter, a song built for parties.” He also compared it to songs by Bruno Mars.

The song is a catchy and fun song that has a great melody, and an extremely catchy chorus. The song really only has three chords, but like “Seven Nation Army”, a song doesn’t need a complex chord progression to be a hit. If you were to have a song on a playlist at a party to get everyone dancing, this could be the one for you.