A unique modern day Romeo and Juliet

A review on the heartfelt love story, Letters to Juliet


Ellianna Keller, reporter

As an actor well known for many movies, Amanda Seyfried put in an appearance as the main Character for the 2010 movie, Letters to Juliet, as the curious Sophie from New York.  

Though you may know her from other movies like, Mama Mia, or from the 2004 film, Mean Girls, this film shows another side of her acting career. 

In this movie she plays a young woman who has big dreams of being a writer for The New Yorker, but in reality she does work for The New Yorker, just as a different position. 

A fact checker. 

Will she be able to impress her boss enough to make him have to print out her work in the newspaper?

Is what I started to ask myself as the movie started.  

When all of a sudden the scene changes and she is walking into a restaurant in progress and the film introduces her finance Victor, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, cooking up some noodles for a taste test. 

Right off the bat I could tell that the couple was so cute as Sophie jumps into Victor’s arms with him spinning her around in circles. 

When the movie introduces that the couple is going on an early honeymoon to Verona, Italy, I knew that the movie is off to a good start. 

But when they get to Italy, Sophie and Victor realize they don’t want to do the same things. 

While Victor wants to go wine tasting and cheese testing for his new restaurant, Sophie wants to go explore and go sightsee around Verona. 

When they finally agreed that they should just do their own thing for the rest of the day and meet up later that night. 

 I found that maybe this trip won’t be as romantic and lovely as I thought it would be. 

After they went their separate ways Sophie wanted to take a look around the beautiful atmosphere. 

When something catches her eye, women bawling while writing notes and then putting their notes on a wall.

This is the actual wall the story is based off of in Verona, Italy

When she looked closer to all of the different notes she realized that they were all written to one particular person, Juliet. 

When she realized that all these letters were addressed to the same person, she knew someone had to be writing them back.

As the story continues she finds the women who write all the letters to the people.

The four women then introduced themselves as Juliet’s secretaries. 

Sophie then went on the next time to gather all the letters with them.

While she was carefully ripping the letters off of the brick wall, she pulled one too hard with a brick falling out along with the letter, when inside she spotted a hidden note. 

When she read it she knew she had to write back to this poor woman with the name of Claire, who had lost her love, and then married another different man. 

So the secretaries of Juliet did what they had to do, let Sophie write back.

When it was morning and she finished writing back to Claire, a blonde man walked in, Charles played by Christopher Egan claiming that he was Claire’s grandson and it was preposterous of what she had written to her grandmother.

When Sophie follows the rude man out and then meets Claire they know that they just have to go and find Claire’s first love there in Verona.

When they travel to many different places Sophie realises that she has changed and that she hasn’t been living her life fully.

After Sophie tells Victor she has changed she mentions how her heart has changed, she and Charles both realise that they both have a lot in common and they fall in love.

This movie had such a beautiful meaning and plot telling you that love is strong, and it never fails. 

I really enjoyed this movie and if you are interested in heartfelt romance films, you would love the movie, Letters to Juliet.