Wander Wiggle Worm

Hiking trail Wiggle Worm is a quick easy hike for beginners.


Mya Shroll

The veiw from the top of Wiggle Worm, overlooking the city on a cloudy day.

Mya Shroll, Reporter

The hiking trail Wiggle Worm is located near Franklin Middle School, just up on American Road. The hike provides an easy way to get people who don’t hike much or just want to be outside on a warm summer day to get some exercise.

My personal favorite part of the hike is the fact that it weaves through the trees and hills to give you several different views of the ISU campus and the trail itself. It is a perfect place for pictures of the college and the plants along the way.

There are often people up there, but with the length, it is pretty easy to keep distance. At about 3.8 miles, it is spotted with gorgeous wildflowers, prickly cacti, and juniper trees.

Another one of the best things about this trail is that it is dog friendly. You can bring your dog to run off some energy and let them off the leash. They can run around with a low chance of them running off or getting lost. 

The trail is free. The parking is just a small dirt lot and a road leading up. To get to the actual trail you will want to park in the lot, then walk up to the gate and go to the left. Once there, you hike for a moment and that’s when you get to a red rock wall. 

Wiggle Worm is an easy beginning trail. There are several different ways to go that all eventually loop around back to the beginning. 

My family usually takes the shorter path because we have the dogs and we usually go later in the day, around six or seven. At that time it is usually the perfect temperature and the lighting is beautiful for photos. 

In some places the hike can be steep, but it always levels back out into slow slopes. There are many places where the rain has made run offs but nothing covers the trail itself because of weekly foot travel. 

One bad thing about it is that since

 Pocatello doesn’t get much rain, it’s always a little dusty, and it may seem long, but I feel like it is worth the time because it gets you out of the house for an hour or so and gives you a chance to be outdoors and not be too challenged on a beautiful hike.