Kicking their way through goals

The Highland varsity boys soccer


The boys varsity soccer team posing for their team picture

The highland boys varsity soccer team has changed up how they play from past seasons.

“This season has been more intense than other seasons,” Sophomore soccer player Jace Bailey said.

This year, the team has been taking soccer more seriously than they did last year. 

Due to covid, it was hard to practice with social distancing and masks, but this year is a lot easier.

Every morning the team captains run the drills so they can warm up before practice.

“We’ve made a lot of progress this year,” Bailey said. 

They won their first game of the season two-zero.

Bailey pointed out that they won against Preston, and he considers that the best game so far. 

Though many of the players said that they don’t always win their games, they are getting better.

“We are slowly getting better,” said Junior James Francis. 

These boys have very good sportsmanship, but wish they could try again on some of their lost games.

“I wish we could redo our game against Idaho Falls, we lost,” senior Ricky Duron said.

Even though they lost and tied some games, they still feel confident about this season. 

All of these players are fully committed to their team and have worked very hard this year to get where they are now.