Teens throughout Highland get jobs

A little advice from our working peers

Aspyn R. Branson and Emily Meredith

Teens now in high school  are getting ready to look for jobs to work and earn money.

“I sit behind a counter and help customers, I kind of like it and get paid $10 everyday I work,” freshmen Kayla Tilley said.

An example of Tilleys job (NOT Kayla Tilley)
Picture from wiki commons, department of labor 1913

Tilley has had this job for quite some time. It’s a good way of making money without having to be on her feet all the time. She enjoys it because her boss pays her well and is a good person to work with.

“I have a job babysitting my cousins whenever my aunt needs me to, it’s not my favorite, it can be fun, though. I just like it for the money,” freshmen Megan Ford said.

Babysitting is a common job among teens. It can be an enjoyable experience if you like little kids. Ford however, dislikes watching her cousins but tolerates it for the money.

“I work at my fathers physical therapy office (Pocatello Physical Therapy). It’s fun sometimes but can be hard some days,” freshman Emma Sidwell said.

photo from wiki commons, CDC/Charles Farmer

Sidwell may not enjoy her job all the time or may get confused sometimes, but whenever she may need some help or have a question, her dad will be there to help her. As Sidwell also states, some days are hard with her job but sometimes the harder you work, the more money you can earn. Even with jobs that you really enjoy, there will always be days that aren’t the best.

“I love to babysit!  Babysitting is one of my favorite things as I get to hangout with little kids and it helps me know what I will be doing as a parent when I have kids,” sophomore Taylee Sparrow says.

It’s good to try and enjoy your job as Sparrow does because it makes your job easier. You will also be more likely to keep doing working instead of quitting because you are miserable.

However, with your first jobs, you won’t necessarily have a resume so you may just have to take whatever job(s) you can get.