Get to know our athletic director Travis Bell

Travis Bell is part of a long Ram tradition that started with his father.

Adviser Ms. Greco


Travis Bell as a Highland sophomore in his 1986 yearbook photo.

Aspyn R. Branson and Emily Meredith

From tears to cheers, Travis Bell has more Ram spirit than just about anyone.

Bell was teaching Spanish in lower B hall and coaching wrestling when an administrative position opened up.  He applied for this position along with multiple other applicants, and he got the job.

His family has been here for a long time, even before he was hired as athletic director. 

As a high schooler he also attended Highland and played sports. After he graduated, he came back to coach. His mother and father also went here.

“I’ve always loved the pride and being able to help represent Highland High School,” Bell said.

Overall, he loves Highland and he is the official “pride” administrator at the pep assemblies.

Bell’s job includes many things such as helping to provide budgets for all of the individual teams. 

He also helps the teams fundraise. Bell meets with coaches to make sure the programs are progressing well.

Sometimes he even meets with some of the athletes and their parents to talk about their improvement or just about how they are doing within their sport(s).

He really enjoys working with the student athletes and helping them get involved more in the school than they already are. He also loves getting the students pumped, as you’ve probably seen at our assemblies. 

Bell doesn’t enjoy having to discipline students and having to constantly remind them not to do the same things. He also doesn’t like when students have poor sportsmanship or can’t follow rules of the game.