Life is like soccer

You need goals!


Debbie Greco

Coaches speak to the varsity team during the game against Century.

“We choose our team captains, because they lead the team the best, and take up the responsibilities,” Sophomore Oakley Homer, a member of the varsity girls soccer team said.

At the moment they are undefeated after having won all 11 games they’ve played.

Did you know that only seven countries in the world actually call it soccer?

Junior Ebee Stoddard said if she could redo a game she would redo when she played Thunder Ridge. She didn’t have a really good attitude because they just switched formations.

On September 10th, we beat Idaho Falls, nine to one.

Sophomore Ayva Krosch guessed that in twenty years she would remember this year as her first year on the varsity team.

On August 28th, the varsity soccer team beat Mountain Crest High School, in Utah. Scoring four to three.

Senior Kayzee Vaughan stated that the most memorable thing to happen in a game, was when they beat Mountain Crest. She exclaimed it felt good beating them.

The team captains are Vaughan, Morgan, and Stoddard.