The Spirit of the Game

Highland High School’s 2021-2022 Varsity football team.


Briley Anderson

Raimon Barela from Highland and Jensen Campbell from Alta in mid play.

Mya Shroll and Reghan Anderson

Highland high school is based off of our sports. This means that our varsity football team is one of the best and hardest working. 

“My favorite part of being on the team is the best memories,” senior Kyler Williams said.

Varsity football is the highest rank that you can be at. You have to work hard to be make the team. 

“A normal day at practice is to get ready, get into groups to warm up, then we’re put into two special teams to get ready for games. Team 1 is the slower team. Then after that, we do our conditioning and we’re done,” varsity player Jon Snell said.

To be ion the varsity football team you have to practice hard and long hours each day. 

According to Williams, it’s “about 13 hours of practice each week including our 0 hour weights class.”

Some of the players have been playing since a young age. 

“I’ve been playing football for about 7 years,” Williams said.  

The varsity football games are a way for the ram fam to connect. Not only does the team get to know each other and bond, but the students come together in the ‘student section’ to cheer on the team. Some of these cheers are traditions and the school has been doing it for years.

“…in past seasons there weren’t restrictions regarding Covid-19, and the players pay attention to details more,” coach Gino Mariani said. 

The Black and Blue Bowl is a game where Highland High School and Pocatello High School go against each other. This is the traditional homecoming game and varsity just won for the 17th year in a row, beating Pocatello High School 41-14.

There are around 70 teammates on the varsity team and they all have to do their best so they can reach their goals.

 “I think we’ve been doing okay when reaching our team goals,” junior Jonathan Snell said.