Touchdown! The Highland Football Team

Everything You Need To Know About the Football Team.

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November 16, 2021

Briley Anderson

Raimon Barela from Highland and Jensen Campbell from Alta in mid play.

The Highland High Football Team’s coaches are Coach Burgess and Coach Beorchia. There are over 22 starters on the team, but some of them are Drew Heiness, Cole Oleson, Ridge Barella, Trayson Bagley, and Cannon Coons.

The team captain’s job is to make sure the team does their warm ups, drills, plays, and is also the leader of the team, who guides the players and makes sure they play the best that they can. The team’s Captain varies from week to week, but one of the Captains is Drew Heiness.

The team’s current win/loss record is three wins and two losses. Some of the best players who can play at the next level are Drew Heiness and Hudson John.