Varsity volleyball

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Welcoming our team to victory

Mariah Jimenez, Abby Smart, and Lacy Youngker

If you want an intense game, come watch the varsity volleyball team.

Junior Mele Fiefia said she likes that she has been able to know her team for longer and have a good connection with them.

Volleyball is a great way to make close to friends on away games, and even home games.

“The team captains have to keep the energy up and help the coaches with some things for away games. The captains also have to do the coin flip before the game and find out who serves first,” Senior player Mia Ackley said.

Varsity is a higher level of competition and ability.

“Kelsey helps us focus on our basic fundamentals, and helps us when we make a mistake during a game,” stated sophomore Kaylen Hay.

Volleyball is very serious, and if you get distracted it can be easy to mess up a play.

“I feel like our team is well put together and we help each other keep the energy up while playing,” Ackley said.

While volleyball is a team sport, it is also very self-focused because you have to be able to help the team by being good with your pass, set and/or hit.

“I would say the last tournament, we all were just tired and weren’t working as a team,” Hay said.

If the energy of the team goes down from a mistake it affects the whole team and can make everyone mess up.

Fiefia said that after high school she feels like, “we will remember our bond and how everyone got along well and we had fun everytime we played.”

“While at practice we did a drill were we had to have Kelsey hit at us and, she was doing it with Olivia, and at Kelsey hit the ball it hit her on top of her head and it went straight up where it was playable. Everyone started laughing, even Kelsey, and it made that practice a very funny one,” Ackley stated.

Practice can also be very serious and where you have to do a lot of hard work and end up dripping in sweat.

“One time we had to do eight figure eights because some of the girls were 25 minutes late and didnt have a good excuse,” Mele Fiefia said.

When you win a tough game the energy the team and crowd brings is amazing and it gets your heart racing.

Fiefia, Hay, and Ackley said that everyone brings great energy to the team, and everyone fits in great.