Stop the bullying

The common problem we face but no one ever seems to notice.

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November 16, 2021

Bullying is a terrible thing that happens at almost every single school in the world. Even if we don’t think about it, there is a lot of bullying going on around us. From simple insults that are supposed to be a joke, to full on brawls, they all come from one main cause: Bullying.

There are many different kinds of bullying. For example, physical bullying. Such as punching, kicking, violence, or even sending someone to the hospital.  Physical bullying is an aggressive way to handle things- such as if you are bullied by a person and you decide to bully them back. This kind of bullying is not as common as it was, but that’s because of the new way of bullying that comes from the next generation: Cyber bullying.

Cyberbullying is exactly what it sounds like. Bullying someone over the internet. This form of bullying is one of the most awful ways, as bullies use it more often with the rise of internet. Bullies will use internet chat sights- Snapchat, Facebook, Myspace, and more- and post harmful, rude, or aggressive comments to put people down. This can happen to anyone, especially on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. There have been many cases of cyberbullying on Tiktok, and people seem to enjoy this, as the videos haven’t stopped and instead have gained popularity for their ‘humor’.  Some of the worst cases of cyberbullying have gotten to the point where the bullied person feels as if they can’t go on, and this has led to grief and depression, which ultimately leads to suicide.

As much as we deny it, there is a lot of bullying. There are bullies everywhere. From simple cases of insults, to full-scale cases such as cyberbullying and making the bullied commit suicide, bullying needs to be stopped.

That’s why there are so many anti-bullying campaigns. Clubs, marches, videos- just look up ‘anti-bullying’ and you can find so many different ways of protesting bullying.  This can range from walking around with a person being bullied and making sure that the bullies don’t bother that person, or you can simply make anti-bullying posters and put them up. You can take part in assemblies, marches, or just walk with people being bullied and make sure that the bullies stay away- all of these help against the case of bullying.

So if you see someone getting bullied, don’t just stand by or laugh- see what you can do to stop bullying, of all forms.