Jump into Powderpuff

The seniors get ready for their big game


Four of the girls on senior team for the upcoming powderpuff game posing for a quick picture together.

On September, 23rd, Highland will host the annual Powderpuff game during spirit week to celebrate homecoming.  

“Obviously the seniors are going to win this year,” Senior Saydree Bell said.

This year the seniors are ready to show the juniors how to dominate football.

There is only four more practices left before the big game of same-school rivals.

“Our competitiveness out of 10, would be an 11,” Senior Lucy Snell stated. 

Last year the juniors were so competitive, two girls got in a fight.

Some might say it’s all fun and games, until you are at the practices.

The seniors are determined to take the win this year, and get a renewed reputation for football.

“We got served second last year,” senior Zanna Francis said. 

Now it’s their time to shine, and with the help of their coach they are feeling more confident this year. “The seniors for sure are going to win this year,” senior Powderpuff coach Raimon Barela said. 

Barela has good experience in football as he plays the wide receiver position on his football team.

Though it may be harder to teach the senior girls how to play, Barela sticks with it. This is not his first year coaching powderpuff, and he is quite fond of it.

“Powderpuff is a great experience for younger students to try when they are older, it has taught us how to be very patient,” Bell said.

These seniors had no regrets that they had tried powderpuff for the second year in a row, and they suggest that others try it too.

There are some precautions you have to take to be able to do play this game, however, many say that it is worth it.

Every time the seniors practice, they are learning how to get better, and how to work together as a team so they can show the juniors who’s boss.