Swim your way through Life

Highland High School’s swim team.


The Highland High school swim team at Ross Park swimming pool after practice.

Mya Shroll and Reghan Anderson

Highland High School’s 2021-2022 swim team is filled with 30 amazing, strong students who spend hours each week to become better swimmers.

“I train for about four hours each week,” freshman Sydney Smith said.

During the summers, the team practices at Ross Park Swimming pool. In the winter, they practice at Reeds Gym.

“My least favorite part of swimming is not doing as good as I would have liked in a meet,” freshman Rachel Long said.

There are many good and bad aspects to joining the swim team.

“My favorite part about it is the people, they are really nice,” Smith said.

All the students on the team have been swimming for different amounts of time.

“I’ve been swimming since I was six and I took two years off, so about 7 years,” Long stated.

The team is a mix of freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

“The best part is the relationships you form with the team,” Long said.

When you swim on a team with 30 people, you get a chance to set personal goals as well as goals as a team.

“When you aren’t working on improving your times, you’re cheering on and supporting your teammates. It’s the best environment,” freshman Olivia Dallon said.

Swim team is very time consuming, which can be considered a con. Additionally, like other sports, swim can cause many injuries.

“It’s such a challenging sport. Some sets you didn’t finish but you have to push through the pain and exhaustion, but that’s also what makes it amazing,” Dallon said.

Many of the injuries of the students on the team are shoulder injuries. 

“Having your shoulders hurt all the time sucks, but it’s worth it,” Dallon said.

While being on the team may be fun, it’s a lot of work. They have to practice many times a week bringing on a lot of stress and pressure to the team while also filling up their time.