Freshmen of Highland


The front entrance of to the home of the Ram Fam.

The freshmen of Highland High School are important members of our community. They are between the ages of 14 and 15 years old. Ninth grade is considered the make it or break it year, because it’s a new fresh start. Some say that grades and attendance are most important in freshman year because you want to start out strong so you can keep it up throughout high school.

Freshman Nathan Garvin said that he is excited for different opportunities to come from highschool. “High school is interesting to say the least,” Garvin stated. He says that high school has been crazy. 

According to Garvin, middle school has more classes and is more strict, which separates high school from middle school.

Garvin said his favorite teacher here at Highland is Mr. Thomson a Chemistry teacher. Garvin also does cross country. 

Another freshmen, Taylor Miller, said that high school is pretty simple so far and he is most excited about the new teachers.

Miller stated high school is “simple as long as you know your way around. Teachers are easy to get along with and girls are super fun.” Miller said middle school differs from high school because in middle school there’s not much swearing or vandalism and is much smaller.

Miller’s favorite teacher is Mr. Thomson also. Miller said Thomson is fun and not super challenging but you still learn. 

Essaiah Fernandez stated, “high school has been very interesting. Especially the vandalism, but so far a good experience.” Fernandez said there’s more opportunities to grow relationships with older people in high school than there is in middle school.

Both Miller and Garvin claim that Mr. Thompson, a chemistry teacher, is their favorite so far here at Highland. However, Fernandez said that his favorite teacher is Mr. Swenson, more commonly known as “Senior Swenson,” who is a Spanish teacher.