Highland welcomes students from other countries

Foreign exchange students begin their new journey at highland


Kiana Frede poses for a picture in the E building basement

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to school in a whole other country? Well admirably, this year three students have come all the way from Spain, Germany, and Europe, to Idaho to experience something different from what they are used to.

They traveled here to stay with their host family and to try new things in a different country, while attending school here at Highland.

“Everything is bigger here, and the school schedule is very different from Germany,” said junior Kiana Frede. 

Coming from Germany, Frede had some shock about how different the schools worked here. 

“It was confusing at first how American schools run,” Frede said.

If you know how different the German school system is from the American school system, you would be pretty confused yourself.

German primary school pupils are required to take 20 to 29 courses in one week, and 20 to 22 classes for your first year. I would say that’s pretty different from Idaho.

“People are much nicer and more open here,” senior Andrijia Sevalijevic said.

Europe’s people are known for what is called “small talk.”  Meaning they are more of the kind of people to sit back and observe than speak and be very open.

Sevalijevic seemed very shocked when he spoke about how Americans act versus Europeans. 

According to all three students, people here are more friendly and less judgemental.

 “You wear something different, people look at you, but not here. You could be wearing pajamas and people wouldn’t say anything,” senior Rocio Monedero said.

Monedero stated that there is no prom or homecoming where she is from, so when she heard about it she told us she would like to go to see what it is like.