Energy drinks cause controversy

Opinions are mixed when it comes to whether teens should be drinking energy drinks.

Aspyn R. Branson and Emily Meredith

Do you ever come to school tired or just in need of some energy? If your answer was yes, grab an energy drink from the vending machines located right down the hall from the cafeteria!

Energy drinks are very useful in teenagers’ lives who may have more to do beyond school such as, a late night job, parents who work late at night so you have to watch your siblings. Also, some teens have illnesses such as insomnia, depression, and more which can also lead to low energy.

Kayla Tilley, a Highland student, stated, “ I love energy drinks. They give me lots of life,” later adding, “I love energy drinks #kickstartsponserme. I have 3 a day and I recommend the pineapple and black cherry.”

Tilley really enjoys energy drinks and they help her with school and waking up in the morning, 

Megan Rae Ford she informs us, “energy drinks are my favorite and give me a lot of energy.”

She continues to say, “I love the mango ones because of how they taste and I usually get them out of the vending machine at my school.” This way, they are cheaper than buying them at a gas station or convenience store. It’s also easier for students who are already running behind schedule to just get to school and grab one before heading to class.

Shelly, the bursar at Highland High School states, “Energy drinks are dangerous for our youth, because it raises their heart rate and gives the kids a lot of energy, which can, and sometimes will drive the teachers/staff crazy.”

I will agree with her that research has shown medical deficiencies in the future of people who used to drink lots of energy drinks. And it can lead to heart failure and other medical defects. However, we are in support of keeping energy drinks in our school for those mornings when getting out of bed is rough, rather than the medical issues that may follow drinking too many.

Debbie Gould, the legal guardian of Aspyn Branson, states “energy drinks can be useful tools for energy pick ups when needed.”

Energy drinks are great because they come in  handy when you actually need them, such as long car drives, very early mornings, etc. Gould also warns us that, “energy drinks should always be used in moderation, and to only use them when you need them.”

Energy drinks are made to be used when needed and not for a constant “hydrating” use. For people who don’t use moderation is where doctors start to see health problems. So use your school vending machine wisley. 

“Top Ten Monster Energy Drink Flavors. ”

  1. Ultra Red
  2. Zero Ultra
  3. Ultra Sunrise
  4. Ultra Violet
  5. Ultra Paradise
  6. Ultra Black
  7. Mango Loco
  8. Tangerine
  9. Citrus