Fighting for privacy

C hall bathrooms left without doors. No-brainer or no-go?

 Showing the inside of the womens bathroom, without a door.

Showing the inside of the womens bathroom, without a door.

Mya Shroll and Reghan Anderson

Attended by 1609 students and 74 teachers in 2021, Highland High School C-hall bathrooms don’t have doors.

“I feel like it would be a good investment to get doors for the bathrooms,” said freshman, Keira Heyrend.

There are mixed feelings about the C hall restrooms at Highland; some don’t care about the situation while others do. 

“I don’t really go in those bathrooms, so it doesn’t really affect me.” said freshman Emma Sidwell.

People have noticed that it is only those restrooms that don’t have doors, all the other halls have doors. This provides all the more reason to add doors to the restrooms. 

“It’s really uncomfortable when you’re walking down the hall, and look over and make eye contact with someone while they are washing their hands,” said freshman Eliza Stubbs.

There should be bathroom doors for many reasons. This includes, having the students at Highland feeling uncomfortable knowing that you can see inside of the restroom while being in there.  

“I think it’s invasive,” says freshman Gracee Merritt; in regards to the bathrooms.

There isn’t any known reason why there aren’t any doors at the entrance of the restroom. Therefore, they could add doors if they are wanting to.

“I don’t go into c hall,” said freshman, Tristan Mclntire.

While most students aren’t affected by the situation because they don’t go into c hall, others have most of their classes in c hall and don’t have enough passing time in between class periods to go to another restroom nearby. 

Regarding the doors, Principal Brad Wallace said, “They were like that when I got here.” 

“It’s better that it’s both the men’s and women’s bathrooms, but it would be better if there were doors,” Heyrend said. 

The cost of doors would be roughly $230 per door.

School should be a place where students feel safe. Some students could have past trauma because of this situation, and it is hard to go into restrooms without a door. 

“I think it’s weird that anyone can see you when they’re in the hall,” freshman Chloe Leavitt said.