Mrs. Jenkins snack’s

Vending machines are out? Why don’t you go and get great snacks at room C29?


Lacy Youngker, Abby Smart, and Mariah Jimenez

Getting hungry? Go to room C29 where Mrs. Jenkins sells all kind of snacks. Here, she sells meat sticks, granola bars, coffee, peanuts, ice cream chocolate bars and hot cocoa when it gets cold.

“The snacks that Mrs. Jenkins sells are great when the vending machines break, which is almost everyday,” sophomore Addison Summers said.

The money that Mrs. Jenkins makes from selling the snacks, goes to the club FCCLA, which she is the advisor of.

Jenkins doesn’t buy the food with her own money. She uses the money that is earned from previous sales. Mrs. Jenkins has been doing this fundraiser for over five years at Highland High School and has some of the same people coming and buying her snacks for many years now.

“Mrs. Jenkins is such a nice teacher. She teaches teen living and her students love her. She is a great shoulder to cry on. She is a great teacher and if you have her you’ll love her. You can walk into her room and if you ask for a hug she will give you one.”

Everything that Mrs. Jenkins sells cost one dollar. It’s a great idea to go buy from her because the money goes to a good cause, the club she runs.

Jenkins is the advisor of FCCLA, and all the money earned from snack sales go to supporting the members of the club to go to competitions.

If you want great snacks for a great price, go to her room. She also has waters, ice cubes, and condiments for your food she will let you use.