Singing her way through life

Sometimes you need rock music, sometimes you need sad songs


In the old Fort Hall casino on August 4, 2021 Hazabeth Wahtomy felt cute and posed for a selfie while working a summer program.

Ever since the age of four, freshman Hazebah Olah Wahtomy has been singing traditional Native songs. Learning  from her dad, and performing in big and small crowds. 

“I can see myself in ten years, having a professional career in singing,” Wahtomy informs us.

Hazebah has sang at dance recitals, in Fort Hall. 

“Traditional music, it makes me feel closer to my culture,” Wahtomy said.

Hazebah is a backup singer in Medicine Thunder.

“Yes, singing helps me with stress, it helps me all the time,”  Wahtomy said. 

Hazebah can sing the high notes. 

“In my opinion singing is the best way to cope,” Wahtomy stated.

Hazebah  can sing her cousins to sleep.