Bowling in pocatello

Talon Spangler to gives us some insight to Pocatello’s bowling leagues.

Oliver Villarreal, Reporter

Top bowlers can score between 600-700 in a game set.

“I think that anybody could get into bowling if they wanted to,” freshman Talon Spangler stated. He has been bowling for about a year and is improving his performance every game.

Spangler said that for the rest of the year he probably won’t improve a ton, “but I think I can get my score ten points higher.”

He usually bowls three games when he goes outside of league and prefers to go on Wednesdays, since it is cheaper.

“My least favorite thing about bowling is how often the machines can break down or the score counter can mess up,” Spangler said.

His best game was when he bowled a one sixty-six a couple of months ago. 

Spangler said that his favorite part was that anybody could get into it and that “it’s an easy sport to get into.”

He goes bowling once or twice a week outside of leagues. He said that he is decent at bowling “but not as good” as some of the people who have been bowling for a lot longer.

Spangler is pretty good compared to someone who doesn’t do leagues.

When asked how to bowl a good throw, Spangler stated, “Focus on your hands and try to curve the ball so you can hit the sweet spot.”

However not all of his games have good outcomes. He said his first game was probably the worst and he has improved a lot since then.