Hailey’s snowboarding adventure

Some people crave the warmth, Hailey prefers to glide over the snow.


Hailey at Highland High School

Oliver Villarreal, Reporter

Hailey loves to snowboard at night in Burley.

“I love snowboarding in the dark because it has more risk. The fact that you can see at the bottom of the hill makes it really thrilling,” Hailey stated.

She goes snowboarding in Burley because she gets to see her cousin there.

“The first time that I went to Burley with my cousin, that’s the first time that I actually went fast and now I can’t get enough of speed,” she said.  

The speed is another thing she likes about snowboarding. “The rush is what gives me adrenaline when I’m snowboarding,” says Hailey. 

She started snowboarding in sixth grade when she attended Franklin Middle school.

“I can’t wait for next winter when I can go again,” Hailey said. 

She is going snowboarding at Pebble soon, and is looking forward to it.