Lacy Youngker spikes it over the net

Youngker knows what it takes to win it all in volleyball


Lacy Youngker living her best life!

Volleyball is a favorite sport by many people. They love to watch and some even play.

“Volleyball is the best sport,” freshman Lacy Youngker said. It is very physical and even takes a lot of mental focus. 

“Volleyball takes up a lot of time and effort,” she states.

“Passing is the hardest part of volleyball,” Youngker says.

How well the team plays can depend on the coach and their coaching skills. If the team doesn’t work like a team, it will fall apart. “There is no I in team,” Youngker said.

However, a volleyball team can be a great place to meet new friends.

“Games are hard and stressful,” she said. Also, you can get many injuries from playing volleyball.