Sierra Moreno’s big basket

Sierra’s Game


Sierra Moreno had an interesting winter basketball season, and journey.

Before Moreno moved to Idaho, she was a Washington basketball club player because she always wanted to try a new sport before moving.

“The coach and my teammates really pushed me out of my comfort zone,’’ Moreno said. 

One rainy morning on the day of a big game her and her team were doing their drills, and their nerves were running high. When the game was about to begin, Sierra and her team saw their competition as they were lining up.

They were so much shorter and Moreno’s team thought it would be an easy game.

They soon realized that their prediction was very much miss-figured. In the last 15 seconds, and with a tied scoreboard, Moreno got the ball and could hear her team and crowd cheering her on.

She kept going until she stopped to make the shot.

When the ball went through the hoop she realized that her team was not cheering for her to make the basket. They were telling her to turn around. Unfortunately, she did not realize this until after she had shot the winning basket for the opposite team. 

Sierra Moreno said that although it was a very good experience, basketball was not the sport for her.