Students no longer required to wear masks at school

Mask requirements are loosening around the community


Elise Wood

Although students have worn masks so far this school year, they are no longer required.

Elise Wood, Opinion and Clubs Editor

On May 19, most students did not wear masks to school at Highland High School (HHS) for the first time this school year.

Kimbrie Knudsen, HHS freshman, said that she is “glad that masks are no longer required at school.” She felt like masks made some things a lot harder.

“None of us were able to recognize each other out of school,” said Knudsen.

She had other struggles with masks. Knudsen explained that for her, they  could make it hard to “communicate with others.”

Most students are happy about the change. “I’m glad we’re getting back to normal,” Amity Taylor, HHS freshman explained.

However, Taylor had mixed feelings. “I feel like we should have waited til the end of school,” she said.

Overall, she doesn’t support the decision. “I personally think that it wasn’t the smartest move on their part,” Taylor said.

Knudsen thinks the school district realized many students weren’t wearing masks anyway. “Lots of students would come to school without masks during the mandate,” she said.

However, Knudsen did wear her mask to school during the mandate. Still, she explained that “it never covered my nose.”

Taylor also wore her mask during the mandate, and says she will continue to wear it now that it is no longer required. Knudsen “will continue to wear them if they are required.”

Like most students at HHS, she’s glad to be able to stop wearing them as much now. If they aren’t required, she “wouldn’t ever wear them again.”