Forget the housewife, there’s a new house-husband in town

This house-husband does anything the yakuza way, even if it’s just doing daily things around his house and town,


Rebecca Mayfield, Reporter

  In this hilarious anime full of hilarious short skits, “The Way of the Househusband,” or “Gokushufudou,” showcases a former yakuza (yakuza is “a Japanese organized crime syndicate similar to the Mafia” according to Oxford languages) boss, that is now a regular house-husband.
The the theme song “Shufu no Michi,” which is sung by Uchikubigokumon-Doukoukai, is one of the best anime openings I have ever heard, and I’ve heard some pretty good ones.
He is an ex-yakuza boss known as ” The Immortal Dragon,” who beat up a rival yakuza gang and then mysteriously disappeared.
This said ex-yakuza bosses name is, Tatsu, who has a wife named Miku, and their cat Gin, who live in an apartment in Japan.
We follow Tatsu as he cleans, cooks, shops, and other daily duties a housewife would do on their days at home.
Tatsu’s wife Miku works daily as she is the only one to bring in money for their household, while Tatsu does chores inside and outside the house hold.
Their cat, Gin, goes on small adventures outside the house, meeting other animals which ensues to a hilarious conversation between the two animals.
We also meet two of Tatsu’s friends who hang  out with him and go places like a yoga/ exercise place, where hilarity ensues.
He runs into other yakuza bosses who want to fight him, but he always manages to out wit them by confusing them.
If you’re a person who loves anime this show will give you a good experience with comedy.
My expectations for this show when I first saw the cover was hoping for a new, and if possible a funny, anime to watch.
I hoped it would be a funny piece and it was, it made me laugh more than any anime has made me laugh in the past.
It didn’t disappoint me with a new interesting plot which made my evenings with it sometimes being cute, like him and his underling from his former gang, Masa, helping him to make a DIY chair from a magazine.
His creepy nature, singing is the main reason why I find it hilarious since he can’t really do some things without being creepy.
This new anime I got to watch will always make me smile, even if I watch it over again.
You can find this comedy on Netflix with a TV-MA setting since it has some blood, and some swearing, but not a lot of it.
This anime made me laugh with its hilarious scenes, and what he does all day when he is home, shopping, or anything outside the house.
Spend your time watching this anime for a good laugh, plot, and what the other characters do with him.
There is only one season on Netflix, but a new season from what I have read is coming sometime in 2023.
Watch this amazing anime even if you aren’t a fan of anime, I promise it is a good one filled with comedy and scenes that will make you laugh.