Crumbl Cookies is the perfect place for a treat

Starting at $3.48 per cookie, Crumbl Cookies is perfect for any after school gathering.



Pictured are a variety of Crumbl’s Pink Boxes, from their single cookie box to their signature 4-pack, to their party box.

Jaylean Thompson, Reporter

Crumbl Cookies offers a wide variety of cookies, ice cream, and drinks. Cookie flavors vary depending on the week, but their signature chocolate chip and sugar cookies are always available.

It is $3.48 for one cookie, $10.98 for a 4-cookie box, $15.78 for a 6-cookie box, and $27.58 for a 12-cookie box. A half-pint of ice cream is $3.48, and a pack of 4 half-pints is $10.98. All 16 oz drinks are $2.18.

This week, Crumbl Cookies offers a waffle cookie, blueberry crumb cake cookie, chocolate featuring OREO® cookie, and sugar featuring Circus Animal™️ cookie.

The waffle cookie is “a warm waffle cookie topped with buttercream and maple syrup” according to the Crumbl Cookies official website. The blueberry crumb cake cookie is “a warm lemony graham cookie with pops of blueberries and a tangy lemon drizzle”.

Their chocolate OREO® cookie is “a warm chocolate cookie featuring OREO® topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and OREO® crumbs.”

The sugar featuring circus animal cookie is “a warm sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles topped with white chocolate, more sprinkles, and a mini Mothers®️ Circus Animal™️ cookie.”

The milk chocolate chip cookie is “a warm cookie with milk chocolate chips.” And finally, the sugar cookie is “a chilled sugar cookie topped with sweet almond frosting.”

Ice cream flavors include vanilla, hot chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and sea salt toffee. Drinks include 16 oz 2% milk, 16 oz milk chocolate milk, and a 16 oz water.

Anyone is likely to purchase this item. Cookies and ice cream are for anyone, and everyone needs a treat sometimes. You can purchase cookies at any Crumbl Cookie location with credit/debit, checks, or cash.

I think that Crumbl Cookies is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Their cookies are a bit too sweet/sugary for me, but a lot of people have said they love them.

The cookies are a little overpriced being over $3 for one cookie, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth the cost!