Outer Banks, Where the Pogues and Kooks meet

Through adventure and friendship, they’re looking for fresh start.


Photo credit: Wiki commons

The logo for the Outer Banks TV series.

Jade Miller and Hope Garza

Being told his father died out at sea after not returning for 9 months, John B decided to try and finish what his dad started and find what he was looking for when he set sail all that time ago.

 John B, JJ, Pope, and Kiara go through many different challenges together such as finding a sunken ship, finding clues, and even inviting Shara Cameron, a tried and true wealthy kook, into their not so wealthy pogue lifestyle.

 Taking risks all together as a team with their lives on the line, will they find the treasure just in time or will it be too late?

Outer Banks has many different aspects that could appeal to many ages. There’s teen romance, adventure, family splits, and society splits.

 Anyone that wants to watch the show would love it, but the target audience is teenagers and young adults.

Truth be told, for me personally, I think that most Netflix originals are hit or miss, they are often missing a call to action or adventure. 

However, with Outer Banks, this is not the case. There is just about everything you would need in a series.

My expectations were met by the show being thrill-seeking, intriguing, and different from most of the other teenage shows. There were many different aspects that went into creating this show and they were all brought together to make it amazing and original.

The acting was on point. It is hard to find people that not only do well in front of the camera but also give you the sense that you are there in the moment with them.  

Whether it’s diving, surfing, or an event that puts them in danger to find treasure, John B’s dad or both, they are always planning or doing something that has you on the edge of your seat.

Lastly, I think that the suspense of the show made you not want it to end. It made you crave more and almost need to know what comes next.

There is a second season of Outer Banks to be released in either August or September of 2021. 

Outer Banks is a Netflix original, which means you can only access it through Netflix which costs $8.99 a month. 

Outer Banks has a whole summer vibe and a half! If you were to watch it in the winter, you would miss summer, and if you were to watch it in the summer it’s bound to give you so many fun ideas on what to do for summer.

I think everybody who had a part in the series, including cameramen and actors, did amazing. I would definitely recommend you watch it if you have any free time on your hands.