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Oreo Minis, Regular Oreos, Double Stuf Oreos

Jorja Wilson, Reporter

Oreos are the classic cookie that has been around for ages. They have come out with hundreds of flavors over the years but one thing has always stayed the same.

When you want a plain original oreo, that flavor will always deliver, and they remain what you would expect.

Granted, not all the flavors are great, or even good. The Wasabi flavored Oreo, for instance, was as bad as you would expect. Or the Cherry Cola Oreos that reportedly tasted like expired medicine.

Like every company, they tried to come up with funky new flavors and see what would stick, which is not always a good idea.

Most of the time the flavors aren’t even close to what they’re supposed to be. Like every other fruit-flavored treat, Oreos miss the mark on their berry-flavored cookies, and they ended up having the fake fruit medicine taste.

They did, however, get the coffee flavoring right with their latte and mocha flavors. It would have been disappointing if they screwed that up as well, since those flavors are so easy.

With the many flavors to choose from, some may get overwhelmed, especially when not all of them are what they seem. Trying to think of new flavors to keep customers interested has always been a challenge.

Overall, Oreos are great treats with a wide variety of flavors that could be just what you are looking for and can hit the spot.

It can be difficult to find the right cookie with all of the misleading flavors.

Even though some of their flavors are a hit or miss, they are great cookies for any time. Whether they are the classic Oreos or some new wacky flavor for you to try, there are hundreds of flavors perfect for your cravings.