Tanner Crowder draws his way through highschool

Tanner Crowder makes his way through high school through Covid times by drawing and hanging out with friends.


Sarah Rudolph

Tanner Crowder holding up his triptych of IT in Drawing 1, C33

Sarah Rudolph

One memorable moment was when we went to the haunted mill and the haunted river. We got there and we got our faces painted. Then after that, there were creepy people literally touching fire. It was funny because Tanner was scared of a girl that was gonna scream but it never really happened, “Dillan Shaw said, describing a memorable moment with Tanner Crowder. 

Tanner Crowder, a freshman, is drawing like a pro, running on the track team, and trying to juggle the ups and downs of being a high schooler.

Crowder’s family consists of his parents, his older sister, Taylor, and his little brother, Jackson. Taylor Crowder is 19, and is currently in college. Jackson Crowder is his kind and caring ten-year-old brother.

I’ve lived in Pocatello my whole life. Haven’t moved anywhere else,” Crowder states.

Aside from living in Pocatello, Crowder has been to Yellowstone and Disneyland, which are the two coolest places he has been to.

When Crowder first started one of his cool hobbies, drawing, he claims that he wasn’t very good. “Then my dad started teaching me how to do it. So I learned from him, and then from then on I’ve gotten better.”

Along with having a variety of hobbies, Crowder also has a unique nickname that sounds like Tin Man.

One of my nicknames is Tan Man,” Crowder says, adding on to that, stating that he doesn’t really know where he got the nickname, but he does know that it came from his parents. The nickname became such a hit in young Crowder’s life that even some of his elementary teachers and friends started calling him Tan Man. 

Andrew Millword, a freshman that attends Pocatello High School, stated his favorite memory of Crowder was, “Probably that time when we went to the haunted houses together and got scared to death and took all those pictures, and drank all of those my little pony drinks,” Millword said. 

He’s really funny, nice, and he makes me laugh,” Isaac Sutherfords, a freshman, says. Sutherfords added, “One time we were at football practice and we were just chilling, we just got done, and Tanner made fun of me and it was really funny.”