Subnautica – Below Zero, unknown worlds come to life

Explore a whole new world on a frozen planet, adventure awaits.


Photo credit: Wiki commons

Charlie Cleveland, the designer of Subnautica, at the game developer’s conference in 2019

Jamie Rosloniec, Reporter

Subnautica – Below Zero is an underwater survival game, although at moments it can feel like a horror game instead.

You play as Robin Ayou, a scientist on the planet 4546B who was sent to explore and discover the terrain and wildlife on this frozen ocean planet, and when a freak ice storm comes, your main base is hit by lightning and destroyed. Your sister Sam, a senior scientist, has gone missing from the wreckage. Your goal: find her.

While trying to recover your sister, you must try to stay warm, hydrated, fed, and of course, try not to drown or get eaten by many of the creatures on this planet. Starting out with little to nothing is hard at first, but you spend your first hours scavenging and making some key tools for yourself so you’ll at least survive.

Like most other survival games, catching small fish and using a cramped lifepod will eventually be setting traps for leviathans and making a huge undersea habitat for yourself in time, there are always new things to discover and new things to upgrade.

There are no clear quest lines in this game, but there is always new information to gather, new challenges, and a storyline to complete.

This game is full of beautiful environments, from swimming beneath the surface of giant ice floes, to exploring vast cave systems, underwater forests, and gorgeous coral reefs. Each biome brings new life, materials, and adventure.

Terrifying and cute creatures also inhabit this world with you. These range from adorable Pengwings that are only 2 feet tall, to the giant jellyfish-like creature called the Ventgarden reaching 110 meters (approx. 361 feet) in height.

With ice worms and brinewing chasing you on the land, and Cryptosuchus and Chelicerate going after you below the waters, you’re always in for a new obstacle challenging your survival.

This is an extremely fun yet difficult game and is not for those unwilling to spend hours in front of their screen collecting and organizing materials. However, if you have the time to put in the work, this is a brilliant masterpiece of a game.

Give this game a chance and dive into those freezing waters, you’ll be surprised how deep you end up going.