Stressing out about college

No worries! Here, you can learn about come college information and how to get into college easily!


Sophie Gagnon, Dalton Derie, and Hannah Allen

So many students in high school don’t know how to get scholarships, or even what they are for. Scholarships are a grant or a payment made to support a student’s education, by making college more affordable. There are quite a few ways to get them, and it is actually pretty easy. Students just need to put in as much effort as they can into their grades. Students can also do multiple other things at school and outside of school to help get scholarships.

Scholarships are really easy to get. As a student, you just need to try to get the best grades possible… preferably, straight A’s. Getting good grades is a great idea, because you can get a higher grade point average. That makes it so  colleges notice you more, because your grades are THAT good. Having good grades really matters. Students can also do clubs or extra curricular activities to help get credits for college.

When we asked how many scholarships you need to pay for college, a teacher named Braeden Udy from a college group Called Trio said, ” As many as possible!” Just try as hard as you can in school and strive to get good grades, and it will definitely pay off! You could pay for most of your college, which a lot of people worry about. College can get very pricey. So, being able to have at least a little of it paid off is good, and you can do that simply by having excelling grades in high school, taking the right classes, and doing extra curricular activities.