Stop Assigning Homework

Teachers Shouldn’t Be Able To Give Students Homework, Who Agrees?


Kurt Kaiser

Homework Takes To Much Time

Jade Miller, Reporter

Students should not have to take school home with them. After a full day at school the last thing any student wants to do is go home and do more homework. 

I mean speaking from experience, being a teenager is hard enough, it’s not even just the school part. But when teachers give you more and more homework you never retain anything because all you want to do is get it done, and over with. 

This may lead to students not completing homework. Which may encourage cheating, because children end up copying off of each other in an attempt to finish all their assignments. 

This means the benefits of homework are lost and grades start to slip, stated in the article oxford, published in 2021. 

Then students start getting stressed because their grades are so low, but it doesn’t just cause stress, it can also cause anxiety and depression. For example, according to the study by Stanford University, 56 percent of students considered homework as a primary source of stress.

For instance, homework reduces the amount of time kids can be spending with their family, stated in But it’s not only family time, it’s even the amount of sleep kids do and don’t get., published in 2021 states that only 8% of high schoolers in the US get the recommended 9 hours of sleep each night. While 23% of high school students get 6 hours of sleep or less, and 10% of high school students get less than 5 hours of sleep. 

And teachers are always wondering why we fall asleep in class. 

But the amount of homework we are expected to do is a little excessive. Experts even say that students should have no more than 10 minutes of homework per grade, starting in the 1st grade. (CreditDonkey)

The National PTA and the National Education Association agree that homework that takes longer than 10 minutes per grade period is excessive. For example, High school aged students can handle more homework. Considering the 10-minute rule per grade, freshmen should have no more than 90 minutes and seniors no more than 2 hours of homework.    

They say that we can handle more homework but how many students with that much homework actually do it? There are many benefits to students getting less or no homework.

According to the Journal of Educational Psychology, which is cited in the article, students, especially highschool students who did more than 90 to 100 minutes of homework per night usually performed worse on tests than those with less than 90 minutes of homework. 

But, once again, speaking as a high schooler we are just trying to enjoy the last few years we have with our friends in school and do extracurricular activities, and spend our time on what we want before we all have to get jobs and have more responsibilities. 

But homework easily takes that away from us.