To share, save, send and post, Instagram has it all!

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The logo of the instagram app for your phone or computer.

Hope Garza and Jade Miller

Instagram, a social media app, was released to the world on October 6th, 2010 in the app store.

It was a new way to interact with people all over the world. Instagram has many different things to offer such as reels, stories to post on, and shopping. Instagram has found a way to share the fun and not-so-fun times.

It has provided a way to connect with friends and family you may not get to see so often. Instagram has a way of spreading so much positivity.

According to an article on written by H.Tankovska and published on February 1st, 2021, 33% of Instagram users are between the age of 25-34 years of age. Instagram is a very common app for everyone and has 1 billion monthly active users.

There are many social media platforms competing with Instagram that tend to be a different version of the same thing. However, Instagram has found a way to make it fun to use their app and connect while not doing what other media apps do.

There are constant updates so that the app is always at its best. There is even a feature called rooms, this is where you can create a chat “room” with friends so you can facetime and text them. The best part of this feature is that the person doesn’t even have to have Instagram to be part of your room.

There are also features where you have the option to tag someone in a post, and you can save pictures too. It also allows you to make highlight stories that stay on your personal page. 

Shopping on Instagram makes online shopping very easy. The user that posts a picture can link where to buy the amazing boots the girl is wearing that you just have to have. This way, you no longer have to search hours upon end to buy them.

On the home page, you can scroll and see everyone’s pictures that you follow, it also has a search button where you can explore, or look for certain people or even events and/or brands.

Spreading positivity isn’t always easy especially when it isn’t shown back, but Instagram has a way of making you feel like you belong. While just like every social media app, there will be negativity, but the positive outweighs the bad.

You can download Instagram by going to the app store connected to your device and set up an account then you are good to go. 

 If you ever have spare time on your hands this app is perfect, you can see and talk to your friends as well as posting cute pictures with creative captions.