Gaming their way through Covid

This club is one of the most inclusive clubs, with fun games to play.


Rebecca Mayfield

Mr. Hopwood poses in front of his classroom.

Rebecca Mayfield, Reporter

Gaming club has been here at school since 2019, which was founded by Mr. Hopwood in hopes of keeping some kids from being destructive and having a sense of belonging.

“It’s just more of an open club for kids to come and play, and kind of do a shared activity, kind of keeps them you know, safe in here versus kind of doing destructive things they could be doing out in the hallway. So a lot of kids that used to be very destructive out here are basically now in here, being friendly instead of being destructive and other things like that,” Mr. Hopwood said.

This club has lots of inclusiveness towards anyone who has a passion or interest in games, it may not make your breath short from exercise, but it can get your heartbeat up just playing a simple game out of excitement.

“It’s really kind of given a place for kids who normally don’t really have a place to thrive and mingle and stuff together, they can now come together play board games, video games and stuff like that, where they really didn’t have a place before,” Hopwood said.

This year due to Covid, clubs and other activities have been cautioned to be safe during their time together, and to keep everything clean for a safer environment.

“Unique in some of the precautions we’ve got to take, using less computers, cleaning off the material a lot more meticulously than what we’ve had to before, make sure everyone wears masks, and stuff like that. That’s just kind of the dangers of Covid,” Hopwood said.

Clubs can impact you in the smallest or biggest ways in your life. Making friends in a club or activity may seem impossible sometimes, but even if you’re introverted and quiet, sometimes you make more memories than friends.

“Mr. Sanford just supervises and provides games and treats,” Joshua Doncouse, a freshman, said.

Covid has changed a lot of things that we do or feel, since it left us lonely during quarantine and without seeing our friends for a long time and not being able to hang out.

“Mostly just hanging out with friends and stuff, which you don’t get to do very often,” Ryan York, a senior, said.

Ryan York in Mr. Hopwood’s room for gaming club in the morning. (Rebecca Mayfield)

Including people in a club can benefit in so many ways, i.e. making it bigger, having more talents, making it inclusive, and doing big events.

“I guess most memorable… I would probably note about a few things. We do our yearly event, me and Mr. Sanford put on our little gaming bash, so that’s most memorable we got a lot of kids come and have fun, but I think that a big part of this year is having some of the kids who are in the SPED department kind of be joining in and playing with some of the others kids where they don’t get to as often,” Hopwood said.

Video games aren’t things that make people fail, some of them include puzzles you have to work out, video games include anyone, and anyone can play them, some better than others, but there is always room for improvement to get better. People who enjoy playing video games are mostly quiet kids, since they aren’t really social, and video games help with keeping them entertained or to help with talking to people.

“I think it appeals to people who are more introverted, we have a lot of introverts in here, where there are people who are more like them, and so they actually show some kind of being extroverted when they’re in here or if you see them at school and other classes they’re more introverted,” Hopwood said.

Introverts don’t always have to be the only ones to play video games, but introverts do prefer the simple things of just playing games, and not really talking to anyone besides people they really know. People who are in their current clubs can also continue on with the subject later on as a hobby.

“I don’t know if they’re learning anything, I think most of the kids are going to continue to play with video games outside of high school so it’s just going to continue on in their lives,” Hopwood said.

Even if you don’t continue on with the hobby, the memories you had there, and the people you meet there. Clubs bring new people and different things.

York said that this year was different because he didn’t get to hang out with friends that often as last year.

Due to Covid no one really got to hang out with friends and not seeing them for most of the quarantine

York also said that the club has been a fun environment to be in during his time in the club.