Iron Horse Stadium finally open for business

The name of the stadium is meant to represent all of Pocatello and not just Highland.


Sarah Bounmixay

A close game of Powder Puff. Seniors won 16 to 10 against the Juniors.

Powder puff happily played last Wednesday under the lights in our new stadium, Iron Horse. As usual, the Seniors beat the Juniors with a dash to the goal line. Gaining massive points to their effort, their victory was a hard collected 16 points against the Juniors at 10.  The district noticed that the 55-year-old stadium needed repair since it is for use of the school and the public. It is a place for the community to exercise and socialize. They decided to name it something to represent Pocatello and not just Highland High School. Asking a few people to come up with names and to vote for the best, they chose Iron Horse. The meaning behind Iron Horse to remember how Pocatello started as a railroad junction and soon grew into this town in the middle of nowhere. So the stadium is part of the Pocatello for everyone’s use for any day or time. While watching the powder puff game, I noticed the track was clean and new, the seats sturdy and plentiful, with the tall light poles illuminating the evening night. “Once completed, it was nice to finally play on it,” comments Travis Bell. The stadium was supposed to be ready to play on last year, and yet it was still not ready for the first games of this season. There were definitely some frustrations felt with the delays caused by problems with the construction.

The project was originally planned to fix up the base of the track around the field. Once construction began, the workers noticed they had shifted the track meaning they had to move the field, and even the sprinklers system, to correct the error. Therefore making a new field and moving goal posts and adding around 3,000 – 4,000 seats to the bleachers. The field was under construction during spring, throughout summer, and into the new school year. By spring last school year, the track was ready for use. Track athletes appreciated the new facilities. Yet all throughout of July, Travis Bell and the football coach were watering the fields with hoses because the sprinklers were broken. After a cost of $2.5 million, hopefully, the problems are behind us and the community and the school will use the track, field, and stadium for many years.