El Leishman: dancing through high school

El Leishman, a freshman, is trying to get through high school as quick as she can so she can have fun in the sun with her friends.


El Leishman

El Leishman posing for a photo during Thanksgiving break, at her house to send it to her friends.

Sarah Rudolph, Reporter

“Be prepared to be amazed! For I, the Great El, will make this fake cake disappear in thin air!” El Leishman said as she held out a squishy cake. It was two days before New Year’s Eve, and Leishman was having a ball with her fake cake.

Now, three years later, El Leishman is no longer trying to prove that she can make the fake disappear. Instead, Leishman is trying to survive high school to have fun in the summer, instead of worrying about school.

Originally, she wasn’t born in Pocatello. Leishman was born in Portland Oregon, and raised there for seven years until at the age of eight she moved to Pocatello.

“The climate is really different than in Oregon, cause in Oregon it’s a lot more mortise. Here it’s a lot like more dry. So when we moved here, we all had chapped lips and stuff,” Leishman states.

Along with her moving here, the whole Leishman gang came here as well.

 “I have seven members in my family. My parents, there’s three girls, Mary, May, and El. Andrew and Matthew are the two boys,” Leishman informs us.

As for the ages of her family, Andrew is 11, Matt is 13, Mary and May are both 9. While Andrew loves legos and Star Wars, Matt loves video games. The two twins, Mary and May both love rainbows and unicorns.

Leishman’s name was soon changed when the twins arrived.

“I’ve been called El my whole life except for when my twin sisters came into my family. Because they couldn’t say El, they said Ellie, because they were learning English because they originally spoke Amharic. My siblings call me Ellie, but everybody else calls me El,” Leishman said, adding that her two sisters were originally from Ethiopia, Africa. 

Along with having a cool nickname, Leishman has some pretty cool hobbies as well. One of them being on the Lassies.

The Lassies beaming with pride, after winning a trophy at a tournament. (El Leishman)

“It’s great. I love everybody, I love the whole team. It’s like becoming a part of the family. The only thing that I´m not really happy about is the early morning but that’s just how it is.”Leishman says.

¨The time when we were in an elective for like improv and we had to go up and do random acts and instead of doing them she hid behind a door in a corner,” Emma Lombard, a close friend of Leishman, said, after being asked what her favorite story of El was. 

When Kory Rusty, another close friend, was asked, he said that he El and met in 5th grade but didn’t really become friends until the 6th. She became friends with one of his buddies first, and ever since the two of them have stuck by each other’s side like glue.

Her life may be messy with all of her friends, siblings, and being on the dance team, but Leishman is a friend that once you have her, you never let go.