A Play About a Dragon

A new play is being rehearsed in preparation for its first performance on May 13th.


Jaylean Thompson

Poster with important details about the play.

Jaylean Thompson, Reporter

Starting May 13th, the Highland drama club is presenting their new play, “A Play About a Dragon” in the Highland auditorium with the funds gained from their last plays.

Every play is generally $7 for students and $10 for adults. The plays take around 8 weeks to prepare.

“A Play About a Dragon” is being put on on May 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, and 18th at 7pm. There will be a second and matinée showing on May 15th at 2pm. The play is about 1 hour and 45 minutes long.

The cast includes Mckinley Spitzer as Roland, Maddie Schei as Lady Gwen, Austin Buetts as Morton, Cosette Wood as Folly, Drex Yandle as Grub, Sully Brimhall as Lord Mollymop, Emma Teal as Lady Dottie, Megann Bedell as Bud, and Mckenzy Quick as Agnes of York.

Also casting Emma Parrish as Beatrice of Cumberland, Hailie Rasmussen as Stinky Roberta, Brynn Hillary as Magnificent Rosalie, Jonathan Bean as Sir Smallpart, Josiah Parrish as King Stanley, The stern, Taybin Sudweeks as Pinky, Sean Phinney as Rodney, and Jordan Radford as Barry.

The main characters include McKinley Spitzer as Roland, Maddie Schei as Lady Gwen, Austin Buetts as Morton, Cosette Wood as Folly, and Drex Yandle as Grub.

Each play costs $125 to produce. It also costs $3,000 for costumes, royalties, set prep, and props. The director, Alix Van Noy, says the hardest part about prepping for a play is the lack of technology at the Highland auditorium to make everything perfect.

I interviewed Austin Buetts to see what his perspective on this play and drama in general is.

Buetts states that being able to act is fun in general, and is different from the sports available at Highland. According to him, the hardest part about each play is putting everything together and getting the flow of the character.

He is always nervous to perform at first, but once he gets on stage everything just comes naturally and all the nerves go away.

His favorite part of this play is the comedy involved. His least favorite is the short amount of time they have had to prepare it.

“In every play I’m in, the main thing I remember is all the laughter that goes around in the crowd” States Buetts. The main thing he remembers about drama is the voices he gets to do, and the movement for each character.